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OpenHatch Missions

Bite-sized learning journeys, by anyone and for everyone

It's hard to learn to play the piano just by watching a video of a great pianist. Interactive learning is much more effective! OpenHatch Mission Beta helps you make embeddable interactive educational "explorations" that let people learn by doing.

100% free!

No trial periods, no freemium plans, no advertisements. Writing, editing, or learning from explorations on OpenHatch Mission Beta is 100% free of charge!

Additionally, all lessons on OpenHatch Mission Beta are licensed CC-BY-SA, which means that you are allowed to copy, modify, and reuse lesson content.

Want to host an Oppia instance yourself, or make modifications to it? The code behind OpenHatch Mission Beta is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. You are encouraged to download, modify, and reuse Oppia's software to your heart's content!

You can help!

Oppia is the work of a small group of open-source volunteers who want to see education improve. Want to add a feature or fix a bug? Here's how to get started contributing to Oppia's code.

Want to collaborate with others in writing an Oppia exploration? Join the Oppia users group!

When you are learning from an Oppia exploration, click the Feedback tab to give suggestions on how to improve it!